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Plantscaping & interior landscaping for model homes
Pacific Silkscapes has extensive experience in working with model home builders and interior designers. Call 1-916-889-7322 or email today for a quote. Our lifelike artificial plants provide an excellent alternative to live plants in model homes and businesses, where lighting is not favorable for live plants.  No need for water stains, bugs, outgrowth problems and dying plants. They can also provide budget options to the maintenance of the live plants and trees.

Pacific Silkscapes has over 25 years of experience furnishing model homes with quality floral. When we deliver your plants, all items are color coded with tags that designate which model and which room the plants go in so that we can deliver and install quickly and professionally.

We can supply liability and auto certificates if you need them. Send us your model home plans, fabric samples and budget target and we can send you a proposal that will work with any decor and still keep you in budget.

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