Pacific Silkscapes specializes in commercial artificial plantscapes

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Bank of the West Tower

Sacramento, CA

Photo Galley Showing Previous Projects:

​​Handcrafted Artificial Trees & Silk Plantscapes

Carton Crown Plaza is an example of the custom artificial trees that Pacific Silkscapes creates.

Sacramento , CA

Convention Center

Visalia, CA

Bank of the West Tower

Sacramento, CA

Sandra Day O'Connor US Fed Court    Phoenix, AZ

Carton Crown Plaza is  surrounded by office plants and professional landscape design.

Sacramento, CA

Pacific Silkscapes' commercial plants can be treated with fire retardant allowing office buildings, assisted living facilities, government buildings, and corporate interior plantscapes to pass state fire code requirements.  We are a California certified fire retardant applicator.​

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In addition, Pacific Silkscapes artificial trees are perfect for areas that are restricted by the following environmental challenges:

Lack of Sunlight          Height Restrictions       Irrigation Concerns                Access Limitations   

Temperature and Humidity  Limitations        Chemical-Sensitivity Issues         Security Issues  


​Pacific Silkscapes creates and installs custom artificial plants, office plants, awesome landscape designs and large commercial artificial trees in government facilities, corporate offices, conference rooms and lobbies.

We install both indoor and outdoor artificial plants and trees. Our artificial plants and trees creates a soft and natural looking environment while reducing maintenance, security concerns and ongoing facility costs.

Benefits of Converting Live Plants to high quality silk plants:

The main benefit of artificial plants is that they require no maintenance. This makes them a potential cost saving over their living counterparts, as far fewer maintenance visits are required. They also don't have to be positioned in direct sunlight, and therefore can be used to brighten up areas of the office where real plants would not survive. Silk plants are also perfect for areas that are difficult to access.
With plenty of high-quality products on market to choose from, indoor plants no longer have to look fake. Now, you can go with plants that looks best on the eye and enhances your decor and environment.  There’s no need to worry about triggering hay fever or allergies with artificial greenery too. Although, you can reduce symptoms of hay fever by choosing pollen-free plants.