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Are you decorating a contemporary home and wondered which plants, trees and planters to use? And what color planters would be suitable for your home?

Pacific Silkscapes carries an assortment of artificial trees that would be perfect. They include Fiddle Leaf, Ficus, Bamboo, and Palm trees. The palm trees we carry include Areca, Fishtail, Kentia and Raphis.

For plants we recommend Sansevieria, Cycas Palms, Fiddle Leaf plants, Rubber, Dracaenas and the ZZ Plant.

For that awesome floral arrangement, we suggest orchids, succulents, grasses, Tulips, Calla Lilly, and Lotus. For bowls and planters, we suggest simple modern lines, smooth surfaces in matte or gloss finishes. Use of cylinders and ceramics complements the contemporary décor best.

And instead of using trailing plants, the trend has been using bowls of succulents accented with rocks in liquid illusion and green moss with lava rocks.

The most popular colors that Pacific Silkscapes uses are white, matte black, glossy black, nutmeg and grey.

For more tips, contact us today and we will be happy to provide you with further suggestions on your home or project.