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Converted from live to artificial floral

Live to Silk  Conversion

1. Labor costs are increasing especially in California. Labor rates and business rent are the drivers. Ongoing maintenance of commercial interior environments are labor intensive. Thus, maintenance rates are increasing and will continue for the foreseeable future.
2. The quality of artificial plants, trees and silk floral are improving. Manufacturer's of artificial plants are introducing "soft touch", "natural stem" and others that look so real you won't believe they are artificial from a short distance.
3. The return on investment is typically one to two years.

Our design Process:

1. At Pacific Silkscapes we will visit your building with one of our floral designers and evaluate live plant to silk plant conversion options.

2. We will present a plan for live plant to silk plant conversion.  If you already own your planters, we can reuse them for you to save money or you can replace with new planters.  We will work with your requirements and budget and help you reduce live plant maintenance with realistic faux indoor plants.

3. For outdoor plants, we will use UV material, outdoor planters and add rocks and liquid illusions so that maintenance is easy and the artificial indoor plants will be vandal resistant. Not only will you reduce live plant maintenance, but you will also have a gorgeous plant year-round.

4. Our design consultations are no charge. We will handle the installation. If indoor plants or our floral doesn't work, we will replace it for you.

The owner of the building on K street is saving $500.00 per month on live plant to silk plant conversion. ($6000.00 per year, every year!) In addition, the outdoor grasses look better than the live plants and because we used liquid illusion to seal the rocks and grasses, there is less risk of vandalism and destruction.

Outdoor artificial grasses on K street Sacramento
Casino converted live trees to artificial olive trees

UV resistant Outdoor grasses and succulents with rocks and liquid illusion to minimize vandalism. Next door to Crest Theater.

More and more building owners are converting from live plants to silk plants to reduce ongoing maintenance fees.

They are not only are they saving money, but the silk plants are attractive and realistic.

​​​​​​​​Live Plant to Silk Plant conversion

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8 ft Olive tree at Cache Creek Casino.  Replaced live trees.

Advantages to Artificial Plants:

1.     Low Maintenance
Artificial plants require no sunlight, watering, pruning and addition of fertilizers.  You can dust them every 3 to 4 months and they last for many years.  The faux plants that Pacific Silkscapes provides are extremely easy to maintain and look after. While real plants need regular sunlight to grow in a healthy manner, the artificial plants do not require regular exposure to sunlight. No need for fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides.  You won't have root rot or growth problems.  There is no need for soil.  You won't require interior sunlight or temperature control.  They do not shed their leaves seasonally.  No more worrying about water and chemical damage to your carpet.
 2.     Security
If your building is a bank or government facility, you don't need to have someone coming in to water and maintain the plants.
3.     Bring the outdoors inside
High quality realistic artificial plants and trees adds "life" to a room. They have a calming effect and studies have shown that they improve productivity in the workplace.
 4.     Large selection
It doesn't matter what your plant preferences are, Pacific Silkscapes has a wide range of landscaping products for you to choose from. At Pacific Silkscapes, we custom design artificial trees and awesome flower arrangements. You can choose from almost any kind of foliage you could think of for a custom designed tree, plant or arrangement. Tell us what size you need, what spray to use for the trees or flowers for the arrangement and let us create magic.  We aim to create your perfect tree.
5.     Cost Effective and you get a return on investment
Another reason why you should consider installing the artificial plants in your home or office space is that these plants may look upscale and expensive, but  they are surprisingly affordable. Perfect for reducing maintenance costs. The faux silk plants are competitively priced. Unlike live plants, artificial plants do not require additional money in fertilizers or in hiring a professional landscaper for maintenance and care. So, if you're looking to decorate your corporate office, restaurant, casino or assisted living facility consider an artificial silk plantscape from Pacific Silkscapes.
6.   A great looking product
With technology changing, the most recent artificial trees and silk flowers just keep getting more and more realistic.  The latest natural touch products look so realistic, you will think they are live. Now you can pretty much have your own unique silk plantscape that will modernize and upscale your place of business.

7.     Efficient Installation Process
A great benefit of the landscaping products from Pacific Silkscapes is that the selection and installation process is efficient and controlled. Our team is skilled with years of experience to help you select the plants that are best suited for your surroundings and space. Once you have selected the plants, Pacific Silkscapes will install the products in an efficient and planned manner. Our installers will also ensure that your delivery is executed in a timely fashion.

Indoor plantscaping at lobby of 1015 K Street in, Sacramento