Pacific Silkscapes has been serving the home building industry and interior designers for 30 years creating awesome floral arrangements for model homes and discriminating residential homeowners.  Our floral collections looks so real that you can’t even differentiate. Artificial flowers add a unique glow to the ambiance of a room.  All our range of silk flowers gives a true realistic look leaving you with a fresh feeling. 

Purchase artificial floral arrangements by Pacific Silkscapes floral designers made in the US.

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Sample of silk floral arrangements designed and built by Pacific Silkscapes in Rancho Cordova:

Created in our Rancho Cordova, CA facility by experienced floral designers, our artificial flowers are made from the finest fabrics, providing a truly natural look and feel in a design that you can enjoy for years to come.  Flowers finish a home and beautiful faux flower arrangements from Pacific Silkscapes are a perfect way to bring that style to life in any room with very little maintenance. 

​​Handcrafted Artificial Floral Arrangements