​​FAQ's About  Plants

FAQ's about Artificial Trees and Plants

What do I need to purchase my perfect artificial tree?

When deciding to purchase an artificial tree, you need to know what type of tree you like such as a topiary, a tropical tree, a ficus tree, etc. Check out Pacific Silkscapes resource page for more ideas. You also need to know what height you are looking for and how much space you have in order to determine the width.  For instance, if you have 10 ft ceilings, a 6 ft tree would be too short, whereas an 8 ft tree would look perfect. You also want to make sure the tree is wide enough and not too wide to fit in your space.  Lastly, you need to determine what kind of planter you want and what color matches your décor.

How do I clean an artificial plant?

Artificial plants and silk leaves can be cleaned with a mild detergent diluted 2 to 1 with water after dusting using a standard feather duster. For larger floral arrangements you should wipe down the arrangement flower by flower and then rinse it carefully using plain water, to restore the original look of the design. Design Masters’ aerosol silk flower cleaner is a preferred cleaner that we use at Pacific Silkscapes.  Check out Pacific Silkscapes BLOG for more information.

Are silk flowers really made of silk?

No, today’s artificial flowers use new manufacturing technology. This new technology uses polyurethane foam instead of plastic or silk to offer a more natural look and feel, which sometimes can be mistaken as a real flower. During the process, a mixture of polyether and polyurethane compose a lightweight foam that is poured into the molds to form artificial flowers' components. Various colors are injected directly into the foam, then additionally sprayed onto the surfaces and heated to cure the desired colors permanently. Over a decade, this new methodology has been adopted by various manufacturers to create a wide range of flower designs. Today polyurethane flowers are often referred to as “real touch”, “soft touch” and “natural stem” flowers.

How do I know what size planter I need for my new artificial tree?

Decorative planters must be able to hold the silk trees firmly without fear of tipping over. A planter must serve as a great base for the plant. Using an oversized decorative planter is never a bad idea as it looks much more proportionate and convincing of it is a real plant. An undersized decorative planter looks congested and can compromise the realistic look of your silk plant. You must understand that the decorative planter is the base of the tree and therefore, an undersized planter can cause the silk plant to topple during relocating or when someone brushes up against it. An oversized planter provides a secure base for the silk plant or tree which will allow you to enjoy its beauty for years. A general guideline for common plants and trees that we use at Pacific Silkscapes is shown below
for 3 to 4 feet use 12 inches
for 4 to 5 feet use 13 to 14 inches
for 6 to 7 feet use 15 to 16 inches
for 8 to 10 feet use 16 to 20 inches
for 10 to 12 feet use 24 inches

Can you put fake plants outside?

Yes, you can definitely use fake plants and artificial trees outdoors.  However, not all artificial plants and trees are suited for outdoor use. Some artificial plants and trees are manufactured using material that is inherently UV resistant which prevents them from losing color when subjected to extreme sunlight.  Pacific Silkscapes carries these outdoor products.  UV infused artificial plants are made with a special Poly-blend material that has the UV protectant built right into the material of the plants, flowers, or trees during the manufacturing process.  This is by far the most durable and will last you the longest time without fading or becoming brittle from harsh UV rays. We expect 5 – 10 years* of use in some of the harshest climates. If you are not able to find your favorite plants made for the outdoors, then Pacific Silkscapes can apply UV resistant spray to make them fade resistant.  Our UV treated plants are ones that have been sprayed with a UV coating prior to leaving our warehouse. They are treated to last generally 1.5 years or more* depending on the intensity of direct sunlight

Can I rent trees for weddings and events?

Yes, you can rent artificial plants, artificial trees, and blossoming trees for weddings and corporate events.  They are extremely popular and cost-saving! Contact Pacific Silkscapes for more information on our high-quality faux silk plants, artificial trees, and plant landscaping for your special occasion.

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