Pacific Silkscapes UV protected hanging bushes and flowers for planters and window boxes:

There are many sites that claim to sell outdoor products but they may not last.  Pacific Silkscapes has been selling outdoor artificial plants and installing outdoor foliage for over 15 years.  Our artificial outdoor plants and artificial palm trees are designed to withstand the effects of sun, wind and temperature extremes.  We can guide you on what products are out there based on your specific requirements and help with the installation.  Before purchasing online, call Pacific Silkscapes prior to making your investment at 916-889-7322.

Examples of Pacific Silkscapes UV protected outdoor topiary trees:

We can build custom outdoor artificial trees with inherent UV protection or apply commercial grade UV protection on silk flowers, artificial plants and custom artificial trees.  

Pacific Silkscapes

Pacific Silkscapes sells outdoor artificial plants & trees.