Model Home  Plant Reconditioning

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​​​​​​​​Silk Plant & Tree Reconditioning

At Pacific Silkscapes, we can pick up your old plants, trees and floral from one location, recondition the plants to look like new then deliver and install in another location for you saving you lots of money.

What we can do to recondition plants:

1. Clean all trees, plants and floral
2. Replace the ones that are damaged beyond repair or discolored due to excessive sunlight.
3. Replace old moss

4. Re-stain baskets

5. Re-paint most ceramic and metal planters (excluding glazed planters)

6. Transfer plants and trees to another planter

7. Repair or replace damaged foliage in most cases essentially rebuilding

8. Modify artificial trees (making them fuller, longer shorter, wider)

Would you like to reuse exiting plants and trees at one model home at a new model home community?


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