Choosing the right size planter for your plant or tree

The right size planter or basket should be correctly sized. The planter is functioning as a stable base for the artificial plant or tree. It should be similar to the requirements of a live tree that must be large enough for the root ball and appropriate to the size of the tree. An oversized planter is more realistic and more desirable than an undersized one.
The container must also serve as a stable base so the plant or tree doesn’t topple when accidentally brushed or fall when moved. For extra stability, weights should be added to the foam inside the planter.

A general guideline for common plants and trees that we use at Pacific Silkscapes is:

for 3 to 4 feet use 12 inches
for 4 to 5 feet use 13 to 14 inches
for 6 to 7 feet use 15 to 16 inches
for 8 to 10 feet use 16 to 20 inches
for 10 to 12 feet use 24 inches

Hope this helps!

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