Preserved Moss Wall Artwork can fit in any space under conditions where a green living wall isn’t feasible.  They are the perfect alternative when a traditional living wall isn’t feasible.  We can design a moss wall art with any kind of frame, any size to fit your budget.  Call today at 877-883-5672 to get started.  Check out our pinterest site for more ideas.

Wall art with moss, preseved wood and branch

Available now 18" X 18"  $195.00

​​Handcrafted Preserved Moss & Succulent Wall Art

Available now12" X 24"  $195.00

Wall art with moss, rocks and trunk wood

Advantages over traditional living walls:
1.   They can be installed nearly anywhere at less cost, with zero maintenance.
2.   They offer opportunities for creativity beyond what one can do with traditional living walls.

Some Questions and Answers:
Q. Are preserved moss walls really made of the stuff that grows on rocks?

A. Yes! They are made from a plant we called reindeer or caribou moss. 

Q. Are preserved moss walls alive like living walls?

A. Our preserved moss walls are not living like our traditional living walls. But the moss material was once a living, growing plant which has been preserved to create the beautiful artwork we use to create a custom preserved moss wall.

Q. Do preserved moss walls need to be watered?

A. No plumbing or irrigation is needed at all.

Q. Do moss walls need light?

A. No. As a matter of fact, sunlight will fade them. They are ideal for dark spaces.

Contact Pacific Silkscapes to see if we can custom design one for your office or home!

Wall art with tree trunk slices and moss

Available now 18" X 18"  $195.00

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Wall art with curly willow and succulents

Pacific Silkscapes Preserved Moss and Succulent Wall Artwork

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