What sets Pacific Silkscapes apart from our competitors is the full range of services that we offer.  Whether it is building that perfect custom artificial tree, creating magic with an awesome silk floral arrangement, or offering our exceptional free consultations, we will serve your needs.  As the above list shows, we offer a variety of uniques services you won't find elsewhere.  This includes offering a resource page for selecting a tree, fire retardant for commercial, casinos, and adult living facilities. 

We also custom design to match your decor with services like professional painting so that your planters will exactly match the color scheme or topping your artificial tree planters with different kinds of moss, rocks, or mulch.   We offer start-to-finish services for the building owner that wants to convert from live plants to artificial plantscapes.  For new home builders, we can pick up plants from a model that is sold out, recondition those plants and deliver it to a new community adding some plants and saving on the total expense. 

Our design process consists of the following steps:

Step 1:  Design consultation - Our floral designers can work with you to create a unique look to complement your decor.  We can work with you with drawings and floor plans to compliment an existing design approach.  If you are local, we can come to your home or facility to suggest ideas.  You can also email us photos of the area for our experienced designers to review.

Step 2.: Proposal - We will create a design proposal meeting your budgetary requirements and design parameters. Custom examples of foliage and floral designs with quality and realistic materials will be proposed.  Our aim is to create your perfect silk floral or designer tree specific to your requirements.

Step 3: Custom Design – Most of our trees, plants, and floral designs are created at the time of order. Real tree fibers, trunks, and bark are used to create authentic pieces that will last and be maintenance-free.  We construct each of our pieces to give years of maintenance-free beauty.

Step 4 (optional) :  We can apply fire retardant and or UV protection on any indoor and outdoor piece.  We are a certified fire retardant applicator.

Step 5:  Delivery and Installation – Pacific Silkscapes provides complete delivery and installation on projects allowing for a seamless process.

Professional Custom Painting

Professional painting for planters

Christmas Trees and holiday decorations

Rental of artificial trees for special events

Fire Retardant for Commercial & Hospitality

Outdoor Artificial Grasses

Black rocks with liquid illusion for planter topping

Custom trees for theaters and plays

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Rentals for Events

​​Custom Services From Pacific Silkscapes

Spruce up an old artificial plant or tree

Services provided by Pacific Silkscapes:

Custom artficial tree planter toppings

Pacific Silkscapes is a certified fire retardant applicator for artificial plants

Building custom artficial trees

Custom painting

Partnering up with your Interior designer

1. Pacific Silkscapes treats your foliage with approved non-toxic fire retardant chemicals

2. Our equipment is professional and approved by the Fire Marshal

3. We add CALFIRE approved stickers to all items treated

4. A certificate is provided and maintained at our facility

Building custom trees

Artficial wedding trees and archways

Building custom bridal tree/archway

Outdoor Artificial Grasses for Sacramento Airport

UV Protection spraying for outdoor products

Converting commercial live plants to silk

Maple and oak trees for play

Custom trees for plays and theaters

Delivery and installation in California/Reno

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Artificial Kentia Palm for rent
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Nationwide Shipping

Custom wood boxes for table arrangements

Custom Silk Wedding trees /Bridal Archways

Free consultations

Custom planter toppings

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Plant Reconditioning for model homes