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1. Make sure every room has a visual exclamation point.

2. Use planters and bowls that contrast with the wall color to make interior spaces come to life.

3. Use fewer, larger trailing plants and floral arrangements for a less-cluttered look.

4. Select the correct size interior designer tree. Use narrow trees in tight corner spaces and taller trees when you have tall ceilings with arches. Ensure you use indoor plants that enhance the model.

5. Use a variety of trees and include sculptural trees with large leaves where needed.

6. Use trailing plants to soften a contemporary room.

7. Use large ceramic planters or high-end baskets for dining rooms, great rooms and living rooms. Consider textured painted planters that match the model home decor.

8. Use a large dramatic floral arrangement for the dining room using high end soft touch floral.

Pacific Silkscapes tips for choosing plants to complement model home decor.

pacific • silkscapes