What plants would be great for a tropical décor?

The types of artificial trees that Pacific Silkscapes would suggest for a tropical décor would include bamboos, Fiddle Leaf , rubber , Dracaenas, banana, schefflera, Bird of Paradise, mango and of course any kind of palms tree such as Kentia and Phoenix palms.

Birds of Paradise, Orchids, Gingers, Heliconias, Calla Lilies, Reeds, Anthuriums, Split Leaf Philodendron foliage incorporated in floral arrangements would compliment the décor.

Any contemporary planter in Tans, browns, earth tones, deep rich greens would be suggested. Rattan, bamboo, and other baskets would also look great in a tropical setting.

Call Pacific Silkscapes today with a description of your project and we can have our designers work with you on additional ideas.

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