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​​Artificial Tropical Palm Trees

At Pacific Silkscapes, we purchase only the trees that look life-like, are constructed to last, and use real tree trunks.  We choose floral and sprays that have realistic texture and color.  The artificial palm trees that Pacific Silkscapes sells are built to last using the highest quality of materials.  Even though our products are realistic and built to last, they are surprisingly affordable with the value you deserve.

There are very few trees that can match the warmth, charm, and fantasy of Pacific Silkscapes artificial palm trees. They bring so much style and beauty to any landscape design. With their stately trunks, shapely leaves, and arching fronds, these are some of the most exotic elements which will make quite an impression in any setting. There are many species of palm trees and there’s surely one which will blend in beautifully in your landscaping project and conjure balmy, tropical vibes in the setting.  If you’re looking to create a tropical landscape in your commercial space, nothing will do it better than our collection of outdoor artificial tropical palm trees. Our artificial palm trees are popular and in demand.  Just place some in your landscaping project and you’ll have an environment where everyone loves spending their time in.

From outdoor artificial Banana Palm Trees to outdoor silk Coconut Palm Trees, outdoor faux Areca Palm Trees to outdoor fake Kentia Palm Trees, we have a large selection of some of the most eye-catching palm trees which will make a stunning statement in your space. Our line of artificial palm trees represents unique species from around the world.  From the iconic Sago Palm to regional varieties like the Areca, Banana, Phoenix, and Kentia Palms, our realistic palm trees bring a touch of the tropics to indoor and/or outdoor spaces. They range in sizes up to 10 feet high.

Transform any room in your home or office with our line of tropical artificial palm trees. Use in events, weddings, and large presentations.  Use for setting a tropical theme for your office or lobby.  Also, check out our outdoor artificial palm trees that are UV resistant and built for the outdoors. 

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